ECD home learning during the pandemic

During the pandemic lockdown, refugee children aged 3 to 6 where educated at home. Children are provided with home learning packages as parents helps children to learn at home 

Children learn to protect themselves from COVID 19 by washing hands

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Our target and goals

Since 2014 we built schools around Kyaka II refugee settlement in order to make quality Early childhood education available and accessible for the refugee children between the age of 3 to 7 years.

Since we are unable to have the children at school due to Covid-19, we are reaching to each child in his/their homes. In 2020 we targeted 765 children aged 3 to 7 from which 98.5% refugee children and 1.5% children from the host community (rural area) who have been attending ECD in Kyaka II refugee settlement Kyegegwa, Uganda. 52% of the children are girls while 48% are boys.



Rosset Mariam A refugee parent, Sweswe Village

During the pandemic my children where able to learn while at home which protected them from being dangers like rape compared to other children

Verina Buswasi A parent to a child Divine

I had a lot of thoughts concerning how I could provide education to my child, and when are children are learning via TV yet I don't have a TV. Only YIDA managed to help me to educate a child at home by sending a teacher at my house.


 It is a CBO registered under the Ugandan Laws


It is founded and managed by refugee youth in Kyaka II refugee settlement


Currently it only operates in  Kyaka II