Welcoming message from CEO

Dear Partners, supporters and followers of YIDA, It is believed that youths are at the forefront of developing communities through resilience and commitment mostly during times of crisis like the pandemic, wars and climate change. It is then unfortunate that most of the systems and policies in government and non-government structures at different levels do not favour or consider youth and the crisis situation worsens. Youth pass through hard times to legalize their own entities and have less engagement in decision-making that concerns them even in national planning. Still, many companies do not trust that youth can be trusted and invest in their ideas even when youth show that they can pay back with interest or proper accountability.

In the due course, a lot of resources are put to less use and many youths are left jobless and criminal levels increases as the pandemic hits the most underserved communities.

Let’s join hands together and do the smallest part to engage and invest with youth for the youth but not invest for children without youth. Let’s trust youth for better results. 

YIDA has set several programs and is ready to expand to many more, that are enabling youth to take the initiative to fight unemployment, fight hunger and promote education within their communities.