The organization was started in 2013 by 3 founding members. We started with literally no money, and we had our first classes under the tree. With the help of the community and members of our organization we put up our first structure of 3 classes later that year and we now run 3 kindergartens in 3 zones of the refugee settlement. Each school has a strong leadership that allows it to run in a decentralized way.


Founder and CEO

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YIDA (Youth Initiative for Development in Africa)  is a youth-led Community Based Organization that is formed to Educate and Create jobs in the refugees and non-refugees, to live a sustainable life businesses, mitigating losses, defending claims

In 2015 we had first entrepreneurship trip and training as a group from Kyaka, this was organized by CIYOTA and it was an eye-opening event that granted us with better skills of how we can grow our organization. This then made us realize how important entrepreneurship is, so we partnered Idea4africa in 2017 which marked our very first entrepreneurship workshop organized and managed by YIDA.

In 2020 while we faced a global pandemic, many people only had the survival choice, and for those who depend on the UNHCR to be able to make that choice were affected greatly. Many young people lost their jobs, small businesses were shaken due to the restrictions that were put on businesses, and many closed up. Many people missed many meals, since they are reliant to aid from the UN which was also reduced. This made us think of what we needed to enable our community of refugees to be self-reliant and to be able to cope a little better incase something of this nature happened again. This is where the YIDA Financial services came in to financially support where appropriate, educate and encourage the community to save, invest and to grow their sources of income. The services include also enabling people to access/receive any sort of remittance support from their loved ones, without investing a lot of transport and putting their lives to the risk of contracting the virus. 

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50 USDA can pay caregivers' salary for one month