Entrepreneurship & Financial Inclusion

Always many organizations have come up with a solution to poverty and unemployment as to equip youth with entrepreneurial skills that would help them organize resources and reproduce to earn money. However, in addition to the training, there should be access to capital and funds to start a business and practice the entrepreneurial skills. Therefore, the training without access to capital is equal to zero results.

Always thousands of University students graduates in Uganda in many other Universities in Africa, and the lowest percentage of them quickly gets jobs and the majority remains Jobless. However, if the jobless students can access capital in addition to their qualifications and skills, they would surely find jobs through self-employments.

The aim of YIDA Entrepreneurship & Financial Inclusion is to train refugee youth to have entrepreneurship skills, and provide them with capital in form of cash to start up their proposed businesses.

• Entrepreneurship skill training: We provide Leadership and Entrepreneurship training to disadvantaged youth and jobless refugee youth to start their businesses and ventures to solve job access challenges in society. We recruit youth with ideas to have any business or who have started some small projects, During the training, entrepreneurs can identify the social need in the community and come up with social business. After the training, we connect them to YIDA Finance Services (YFS) loan or investors. Entrepreneurs are given a chance to pitch their ideas in different events that are organized by our partners. We also continuous mentor all the entrepreneurs up to when their businesses are grown up.

• Financial Inclusion/YIDA Financial Services (YFS): Always banks cannot reach the most remotely villages across the countries, making village communities remain underserved, whereby, few members of the such communities walk long distances to access bank services, like loans, savings and cash withdraw. Other members of underserved communities do not have any account in banks and they remain with no access to enough money at all.

YFS Office in Bukere

YIDA is offering loans to individuals and institutions at the lowest interest rate in the refugee communities and other underserved Ugandan communities neighboring refugee camps. We provide Western Union and Money Gram services and supply cash and floats for Mobile money agents.
YIDA is now working as an Agent Banking having a partnership with Equity Bank Uganda Ltd and Centenary Bank Ltd. And Therefore we offer the following services;

 Account opening
 Depositing
 Cash withdrawing

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