Early Childhood Education

The difference of Early Childhood Education (ECE) to refugee children it is the uniqueness of the approach and innovation.

Caregiver with kids at school

Initially, educational institutions in rural refugee camps employs teachers from out of the refugee communities to educate refugee children, however, a teacher who is not a refugee cannot communicate with a refugee child of 3 to 6 years due to language differences.

The majority of the refugees are from Democratic Republic of Congo (DRC), a country that have a different education system and in French who are now in Uganda, where education system is in English. Therefore, refugee children of 3 to 6 they only understand mother languages and some French from their parents.

When a refugee child turns 7 years to join primary school, they cannot communicate with a Ugandan teacher who only understands English and Ugandan based mother languages.

The uniqueness of our approach, we train refugee youth to have a teaching qualifications from Ugandan based institutions. The training takes one years and a refugee youth becomes able to educate refugee children as per the Ugandan curriculum. The gap of language barriers is bridged.

In addition to the training of refugee youth, We construct pre-primary schools in refugee villages and employ trained teachers. We aim to provide quality Early Childhood Education to refugee children in the refugee camp, that is easily accessed by all refugee children to study. there is the establishment of preschools in various locations within the refugee camps to accommodate all refugee children starting with Kyaka II refugee Settlement Camp.

We provide caregivers with salary and are equipped with educational materials to aid the teaching process. All the practices are controlled and credited by Makerere University and Kabulasoke PTC a credited teachers’ institution by Kyambogo University in Uganda.

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