1. Early Childhood


We aim to provide access to quality early childhood education to refugee children in the refugee camp, through establishing the preschools in the various locations to accommodate all children in Kyaka II refugee Settlement Camp. We provide caregivers with teaching training and are equipped to educate children in the Village. All the practices are controlled and credited by Makerere University.


How YIDA plans to use High Technology to enhance education in refugee camp

2. Scholarship


We work with other organisation that provides scholarships opportunities to youth in the community to access quality education. We recruit and support applicants with resources needed to apply for any scholarship available. The support we provide includes internet, computers, scanning of the academic documents and recommending applicants.

YIDA Scholarship Program
3. Entrepreneurial


We provide Leadership and Entrepreneurship training to disadvantaged youth in the community to start their businesses and ventures to solve job access challenges in society.
We recruit youth with ideas to have any business or who have started some small projects, we train and connect them to investors.
Entrepreneurs are given a chance to pitch their ideas in different events that are organised by our partners. We also continuous mentor all the entrepreneurs up to when their businesses are grown up. After the training, entrepreneurs can identify the social need in the community and come up with social business.

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